Squirrels Are Not As Innocent As They Seem

February 15, 2018

squirrel near a maine home

Squirrels are so cute and fun to watch as they cheerily scurry from one place to another. They are a fun animal to see in the wild, they are less fun to watch when they are eating your bird food or worse, have entered your home. Once they stop living in the wild, these wildlife pests can cause quite a lot of damage inside your home. They can shred insulation and will chew on pretty much anything inside your home. They are also very aggressive if they are cornered or feel threatened, and they may attempt to bite and scratch you.

If you are hearing persistent scratching between your walls, or little feet scampering across your ceiling, it is very likely that you have a squirrel living in your home. You may also smell feces and urine they leave behind, as squirrels are not very tidy creatures. It is important that you are careful while cleaning up their waste because it can contain harmful
bacteria. Squirrels are known to chew their way inside a home, so if you find holes or water damage on the outside of your home, it is important to fill those holes and repair the damage. If you do not fix this damage squirrels will continue to make the holes larger with their constant chewing. Once inside squirrels are able to damage walls and ceilings and may even chew electrical wiring.

You should never try to remove a squirrel from your home on your own. Contact a wildlife control professional; they have the knowledge, tools, and appropriate methods to handle the situation with care. Professionals are trained to handle squirrels and use humane methods to get rid of them. Beyond this, professionals will work with you to exclude squirrels and other rodents from invading your structures in the future, making sure you know just what repairs are needed.

In southern Maine, Pine State Pest Solutions can help. Squirrels are a problem in Maine and are responsible for a lot of damage and some health problems as well. Contact us and we will provide a thorough inspection, find out where the squirrels are entering, and come up with a plan for humane removal and exclusion from your home and property. Don’t waste your time worrying about wildlife problems, give us a call today at Pine State Pest Solutions, and get peace of mind that no squirrel will bother you again.

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