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Tick Season Off To An Early Start Despite Spring Storms

Many of us here in Maine are eagerly waiting for the arrival of real spring. Although the calendar indicated that the season officially began last month, the weather has been unpredictable ever since, leaving us on a roller coaster ride of temperature fluctuations and late snow and ice. It’s hard enough trying to figure out what to wear on any given day, let alone predict whether this crazy… Read More >

Why Pests Love Maine Basements

Many Maine homeowners have yet to realize the full potential of their basements. In the past, basements were mainly used for doing laundry, housing the wood stove and/or furnace, storing furniture and belongings, and other similar functions. However, times have changed, and basements have become much more versatile, serving as entertainment spaces, home gyms, man-caves, and even in-law apartments… Read More >

Why DIY Pest Control Is Risky

Do you ever get that itch to take matters into your own hands when it comes to kicking pests out of your home? It's tempting, right? Grabbing a can of bug spray or setting up a few mouse traps might seem like a quick fix to your pest problem but hold on just a sec. DIY pest control might sound like an epic move, but it’s not without its risks. Read More >

Pine State Pest Solutions Takes The Gold In Best Of The 207

Pine State Pest Solutions has been voted the best pest control company in Maine for 2023 by the Best of the 207! What’s even better, you helped us get there! Thank you to everyone who voted for our locally owned and operated pest control company; it’s truly an honor to serve you.  Read More >

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