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we wish you a very happy new year

How To Avoid Pests In 2018

As we get ready for the new year and become as best prepared as we can, we go down through our to-do lists often times missing one of the most important steps of all as a property owner… pest control! We might not give much thought to the spider we squish and swatting mosquitoes might become second nature, but where there is one, there are many more, and while you work hard at everything… Read More >

earwig crawling on granite

Everyone Asks Us The Same Question About Earwigs

At Pine State Pest Solutions we get many calls a day about different pests, one pest that we get quite a few calls about is the earwig and we understand why; earwigs really are not the friendliest nor cuddliest looking insect. Earwigs have dark-brown to reddish-brown colored smooth bodies, and they grow to about 5/8th of an inch in length. However, in our opinion their most intimidating feature… Read More >

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