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Stinging Insects, Mosquitoes & Other Active Pests In September

Labor Day- it’s the unofficial end to summer but not the end of the warm weather… yet. Hopefully we have a few more weeks of summer-like weather to enjoy. That said, a lot of the pests that were active in July and August will continue to be a problem this month in Portland, Augusta, and Waterville as well as in communities throughout Maine.  Read More >

What Mainers Need To Know About Mice

As you a child do you remember watching Cinderella and thinking how great it would be to have a bunch of mice as cute as Jaq and Gus running around your home? The reality of a mouse infestation is, unfortunately, nothing like the movies and could actually be a source of danger to your family and your home.  Read More >

When Are Wasps & Hornets Most Active In Maine

Summer is in full swing here in Maine and if you’re like many homeowners in our state, you may be thinking that there are more hornets and wasps active on your property than there were just a few short weeks ago and you’re not wrong. Late July and August are the most common months when customers call our office regarding these stinging pests. Below are a few things to understand about wasps… Read More >

Adult Browntail Moths: What Maine Residents Need To Know

After spending the last few months terrorizing communities throughout Maine, browntail moth caterpillars are in the process of transforming into big, white moths. While residents can enjoy the respite from the nasty rashes caused by their toxic hairs and take a breather from worrying about attacks on their trees, we must warn against the next phase- infestations of browntail moths. Yes, don’t be… Read More >

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