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Why Bed Bug Activity May Increase With Cold Weather

Have you been holding off on turning the heat on? It’s okay if you have. In fact, you’re in good company if you call Maine, or New England for that matter, home. We’re a stubborn lot but even the most resilient Mainer will eventually cave and turn on the heat. The thing about cranking the furnace on though, is it can cause a strange phenomenon to occur related to bed bugs.  Read More >

4 Reasons Why Your Current Rodent Control Plan Isn't Working

It’s frustrating when you pay for a service and don’t get the expected results. Here at Pine State Pest Solutions, we see this a lot. We often get calls from despondent property owners struggling with mice in their homes even though they have a pest control plan in place. That is, they’ve already hired a professional pest control company to get rid of their mouse infestation and it’s… Read More >

How Do Mice Contribute To House Fires?

Everyone knows that rodents are a major nuisance when they infest homes. Not only do mice and rats raid our kitchens for food, damage stored items including our beloved Christmas decorations carefully made from macaroni by our children, and use the attic insulation to create nests where they breed rapidly, they have the potential to do much worse. By worse, we mean start house fires. In light of… Read More >

Is A Fall Tick Treatment In Maine Really Necessary?

If you’ve lived in Maine for even a hot minute, you probably know how bad deer ticks are during the spring and summer months here. If you’ve spent any length of time outdoors (whether in your yard or on a trail), you’ve likely performed countless ticks checks on yourself, your kids, and your pets, maybe you’ve avoided thick woods, and perhaps you’ve taken all the precautions to protect… Read More >

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